Pattern Theatre

 What I bring into the world


When looking at the creation of art in general, there are so many layers that are apparent, and also ones that aren’t through the energy and the experience. Firstly, The deepest layer that is most important is the one that makes the viewer feel an emotion in their heart, mind, hands etc. the next layer would be to look at understanding meaning and understanding what the artist meant or what the piece of art means to me through my own history or understanding.


Exploring and Gathering 


exploring and gathering, I create different research projects for myself through any topic that sparks my interest ,I dive deeper to understand all its layers, like tree branches and tree roots that open up and continue growing as the tree gets taller and digs deeper .

the outcomes of my research are the exciting discoveries, and I am always honored and excited to transfer this discovery and these findings out of myself and onto others- just as I have been for years with my students.

transferring my findings without needing verbal explanations- but through a single piece of art that can transfer these emotions or set of ideas, is my passion.


Pattern Theatre


For example, with my pattern project, when you take a simple symbol from your every day life and you add a sound to it, you arrive at whole new wonderful world that I believe is what the world is trying to have us pay attention to. This rhythm that is created , makes a beat in the pattern I create and the beat stays the same even if I slightly and or dramatically change the pattern I was working on, just like generation z taps on their phones- this is the creation of a new work of art through a tiny physical or non physical movement. 

And then I discovered that if I continue zooming out as if I look at my patterns from a spaceship, it turns into a blank screen, a blank canvas- completely white- but there is so much more inside of it. Just before it turns into a complete white, the pixels turn so little that the colors change and I see pinks and greens and endless hues. Another minute before the blank canvas comes a pattern which forces myself and the viewer to find a familiar shape inside of it such as a vase full of rice or a piece of Scottish fabric- every physical image sprouts from a grip of one’s personal history. 

This is a theater of creatures that come from a pattern created by mundane objects like my own flowery duvet cover. By drawing on top of the images and finding the creatures for the viewer I am able to assist the viewer to see these creatures in the way that I do. Eventually a series of patterns have been created that I have been trying to get out into the world,just from one duvet cover. 

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