& Silhouette

This collection explores the connections between the never-ending everyday experience of chores in daily family life and the more extraordinary preparation for special occasions.  Besides the formal clothes and festive foods associated with traditions, the whole process of preparation, including the toil of cleaning and preparing feasts for extended family is its own ceremony.  The woman’s devotion is present in each part of the meal, from the participants and their clothing to the setting of the table to the full menu of food catering to tradition and the needs of each soul. The food nourishes the soul.

Visiting the Pompeii exhibit, I saw the shape of the amphora vessels made specifically for transporting liquids and I thought about the classical Greek black-figures that tell a story.  Over time, themes began to unfold in my mind: container and holding, belonging and belongings, nourishing and transplanting.   
The amphora jugs stirred my feelings of taking care of my family over two transcontinental relocations bringing with me the contents of my kitchen cabinets, filled with dishes from all over the world and from many periods of time. The pieces tell stories of my history and travels as do the vessels I observed in Pompeii.   
The pieces explore the themes of a woman’s role as carrier, creator, caterer, caretaker, clothes-washer, and muse.

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