Blue Mountain

In my vision, the matriarchs instructed me to place my creations on the Blue Mountains to the left of the river. “Your strength,” they say, “Will rise from your spine, through your crown… upward it will rise and spread over the world.”

Much can be learned by exploring the layers in rock... The history of a place is revealed, allowing you to imagine the centuries before you. I admire the untouchable mountain. I can take a slice of it's knowledge and appreciate it's majestic being.

Layers and layers of time—spread like sheets on a kingdom bed—create a mountain. It is miraculous when they join together like "Tectonic Fabric" .

In the movie "Mountain of the Moon", The main issues are the relationship between different human cultures, and the relationship between two friends. 
The film left a deep impact on me, especially deep sympathy and respect for indigenous people. 
The connection to nature and configuration of life which it generates. 
In my work, I try to reach the cleanliness of a place as a breeding ground, a petri dish.... 
Just like starting life in a new world. 

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